Qt Quick for UI Designers

Qt Quick for UI Designers

Course Description: 


  • 2 days

The objective of this course is to provide user interface designers with the training they need on Qt Quick (QML) to successfully work with software engineers that are using Qt/C++ to develop the backend of the application. This course assumes no knowledge of C++ and only minimal exposure to Javascript. Students that have previously built user interfaces in tools like Adobe's Flex should have no problem with the material presented.

The course is designed for two days and includes a lab at the conclusion of each module. Modules are typically 90 minutes each with another 30-45 minutes allocated for a hands-on lab and Q&A.

ICS recommends that our clients consider combining this course with a 3 day workshop where the designers and engineers jointly work on a sample project. This sample project can be used to refine the workflow and help define organizational responsibilities that will maximize the quality and speed of application development.

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Module 1:

  • Things to know about Qt
  • Getting started with Qt Quick
  • Layout and Interaction
  • Lab

Module 2:

  • Positioning elements
  • Making things move
  • Qt Quick and Javascript
  • Lab

Module 3:

  • All about lists
  • Loading external data
  • Lab

Module 4:

  • Sample Views and Positioners
  • Tips
  • Lab

Module 5:

  • Organizing your application
  • Understanding a simple application
  • Lab

Module 6:

  • Design Workflow
  • Qt Quick and Design
  • Lab