Embedded Systems

The ICS Professional Services team offers deep design, embedded software development experience, and can design and develop your embedded device using innovative tools such as Qt, the cross-platform application and UI framework – allowing your team to focus on other core business, while reducing costs and time to market.

Our technical designers and embedded software engineers can build an intuitive user experience for any product. Here are some samples of ICS projects across a range of industries:


Automotive Infotainment Systems

ICS has completed several large-scale In Vehicle Infotainment systems (IVI) using Qt Quick, integrating User Experience (UX) and Engineering to achieve top performance results. Read more here.



ICS ported Qt/Qt Quick to the QNX operating system and wrote a sample medical application that ran on a Freescale i.mx51 (800mhz) processor. The user interface was written completely in Qt Quick and illustrates how quickly applications can be developed using this technology. Read more about our Medical Experience

Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness

Precor designs and builds premium fitness equipment and has set the standard for continuous state-of-the-art fitness innovation. ICS helped develop Precor's next generation of Experience Series cardio equipment which features a Qt-enabled, high-end interactive touchscreen console.

Embedded Software Design

Embedded Software Design

X-Rite Inc., which now includes design industry-leader Pantone, is a world leader in color management and communication technology used in any profession where color is mission critical. X-Rite partnered with ICS to develop a uniquely creative and artistic user interface that matched their customers' expectations for quality calibration tools targeted at the design and photographic markets.



Hemisphere GPS precision agriculture products help to minimize costs and maximize yields. ICS helped HGPS develop the new user interface for this device that provides for the steering of agricultural machinery to complete a pre-defined job (e.g., plow, seed, harvest).



Systems deployed in amusement parks, video gaming centers, etc. tend to have an extended life that outlives the software and hardware on which they were originally based. In a recent engagement, ICS re-wrote a multi-media application with multiple video and audio streams in Qt and OpenGL while maintaining much of the tested and stable backend system.

Set-Top & Smart TV

Set-Top/Smart TV

Desktop browsers are cumbersome to use on today's large screen Smart TVs because of the coarse control offered by typical remote controls. ICS has been involved with a number of engagements to improve the user experience of applications on such devices.

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