Brandy Reed

Brandy Reed is a visual designer with the ICS User Experience (UX) team. Brandy is involved with many aspects of the visual design and UX process and works on a variety of projects focusing on designing for touchscreen interfaces.

Blog  •  May 31, 2016  •  By Brandy Reed  •  UX  •  UX, Mobile
As time goes on, and mobile becomes more popular, we are seeing global growth in its use. Everywhere you look, likely you will see a mobile device in just about any setting. With the increase in mobile device popularity, comes higher expectations.  Users have grown to expect websites to be tailored to their needs. If a user is unable to access a website in this multi-faceted world of technology they will simply click away and find one that is more flexible to their needs. In the United States and more developed countries, when one is designing for the User Experience (UX) on any website...