With a background in visual ideation, print design and typography, Selene brings a broad perspective to her work as a visual designer. As she creates engaging, interactive touchscreen experiences, she often looks to the water and her roots as a former D1 swimmer and current USA Swimming coach for inspiration. 

Blog  •  January 18, 2017  •  By Selene Chilton  •  UX  •  UX Design
Remember when the Wii and the Nintendo DS first came out? They created the biggest buzz in the gaming world because of their revolutionary user experience (UX). The Wii featured innovative motion-sensing, gesture-recognition technology, while the DS featured a novel folding dual screen and touchscreen technology. Nintendo is at it again, this time with its new Nintendo Switch gaming system, set to launch in March 2017. For designers that design for interactive products, this is exciting news. Here’s why. Thanks to ingenious design, the Switch offers a consistent gaming experience...