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Quickly Generate a Maintainable and Evolving Application with GreenHouse by ICS

Writing a new application? Want to best the competition? Try this.


How GreenHouse by ICS Benefits User Experience Designers

Solutions to the most common UX-related problems on any embedded project.

GreenHouse, UX design team

Abstraction Layer Addresses Interdependencies

Provide an abstraction layer to replace external dependencies with mock implementation.

GreenHouse, embedded systems

Here’s Why You Should Separate UI from Business Logic in Your Application

Application separation is highly beneficial for testing.

GreenHouse, Qt

GreenHouse and Qt Design Studio Together Deliver a Full Solution

GreenHouse doesn’t replace or compete with Qt Design Studio. It complements it.

GreenHouse, Qt

GreenHouse by ICS Helps Software Engineers Turn UX into Reality

Pave the way for faster product development by solving 3 tricky problems.

Qt, embedded systems

Early Working Prototypes Help Product Owners Create Success

GreenHouse by ICS delivers exceptional value for product owners.

GreenHouse, embedded systems

Want a Competitive Advantage? Focus on UX and Software

Use GreenHouse for high-performing software and a unique UX that keeps your competitors at bay.

Qt, Embedded, GreenHouse