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By ICS | Sunday, January 29, 2012

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I thought it would be a good time to step back and review where we are on the Cordova Qt project, as it may not be obvious just from glancing at the Wiki.


The source code is maintained in the Apache git repository at as well as a read-only mirror for checkouts and pull requests at (which is standard practice for Cordova). Links to the repositories are on the project Wiki.


The main portal for information on the project is the Wiki page. The Wiki has a section on "Getting Started" with links to resources for developers familiar with PhoneGap/Cordova but not Qt, and for those familiar with Qt but not PhoneGap/Cordova.

The file in the Cordova Qt distribution (linked to on the Wiki) is the main source for basic instructions on using Cordova for Qt. This is similar to what is provided with other Cordova ports and is enough for a developer to get started.

Getting the Apache Cordova "Getting Started Guide" web pages at updated to include Qt is planned for the next phase of the project. A JIRA task to do this has been assigned to us.

Test Suite

We've been regularly running the Cordova test suite on the code. The Wiki page has a "Running Cordova Tests" section that described how to run the tests. There is a link to a YouTube video showing the tests running. The Wiki includes a summary report of recent run of the automated test results on different platforms. We're currently seeing a 77% pass rate with most of the failures being areas that we did not implement.

Demonstration Application

We did a preliminary port of Wikipedia Mobile for Cordova Qt. The Wiki has instructions for building and running the application and links to some YouTube videos showing how to build it with the Qt SDK, and running it on the desktop simulator and a Nokia N9.

Future Work

We're planning to proceed with the next phase of the project which will focus on making Cordova for Qt easier to use by better integrating it with Qt Creator and the Qt SDK and providing better documentation and sample code. We'll also ramp up work again on the Qt 5 version as it moves to beta and release later this year.

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