Qt World Summit 2015 — Recap from ICS

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Today, tomorrow and the future of Qt

ICS just returned from Berlin where the atmosphere was one of excited anticipation. The world and technology is changing at lightning speed and the interaction between people and technology has become increasingly connected. The more than 850 attendees were looking forward to how Qt will contribute to devices of all kinds – products that will be connecting to the future – likely to the Internet of Everything (IoT).

Many of the themes discussed at the event were about the advancement of Qt itself and the road to tomorrow – creating connected devices, designing modern user interfaces and recent trends within industrial and automotive HMI. The Qt Company enables its Qt software to support the innovations of tomorrow allowing companies to go beyond today and build into the future.

ICS was pleased to be a Platinum sponsor this year and we had many contributions to the format from speeches to lightning talks. Our engineers have been working on some amazing products with some innovative companies and we featured several demos including an enterprise-class video surveillance system and recent IVI work to support GENIVI GDP. Our senior engineers gave inspirational and informative speeches about how best to implement IVI and our thoughts around IoT. The videos of these sessions are located below. For a more detailed view of the event, ICS’s Jeff Tranter gave his first hand observations of his time there in his blog: Report from Qt World Summit 2015.

Many attendees commented they are looking forward to connecting with what is to come – bringing new and amazing products to life on almost any device and connecting the future of technology to people around the world.


Qt World Summit ICS Presentations

The Internet of Things: What Is It and Why Should I Care?


Gartner, Inc. notes the Internet of Things, as “a powerful force for business transformation and its disruptive impact will be felt across all industries and all areas of society”. What exactly is IoT? As a software developer, does it really represent something new? Listen as Jeff Tranter, Qt Consulting Manager at ICS, gives a strategic view of what IoT is and is not.

The Internet of Things: What Is It and Why Should I Care?
Jeff Tranter, ICS


How to Implement an Automotive Infotainment System using Qt Quick


Demand for connected devices in automobiles is accelerating as mobile ecosystems are maturing. The ability for automakers to differentiate in an increasingly competitive environment depends on its ability to integrate a smart in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system strategy and deliver a fully connected lifestyle to consumers. Watch as Dustin Kassman, Qt Technical Project Manager at ICS, gives a strategic view of Qt within the automotive space.

How to Implement an Automotive Infotainment System using Qt Quick
Dustin Kassman, ICS


Declarative Retranslations in QML

Watch as Vladimir Moolle, Qt Consulting Engineer at ICS discusses the ins and outs of Declarative Retranslations in QML in this Qt World Summit 2015 Lightning Talk.

Lightning Talk – Declarative Retranslations in QML
Vladimir Moolle, ICS


ICS Qt World Summit Product Demos

ICS's Qt-based HMI Solution Now Supported on GENIVI GDP

ICS’s HMI solution was originally built to display the power and functionality of Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions. Designed by ICS’s internal User Experience (UX) team, the system showcases its core features, impressive graphics capabilities and ease of use.

The newly updated HMI is compatible with GENIVI’s Wayland IVI extension and utilizes GENIVI components for Layer Management, making it compatible with most navigation solutions. The system was built using Qt components, such as media and video players, which ICS developed specifically for the automotive industry.

ICS’s ViewPoint automotive Virtual Reality (VR) display server is the first to integrate a full three- dimensional digital cluster simulation, interfacing the multimedia functionality and VR in-cockpit experience.


S2 Security and Surveillance Systems

As a provider of security products for businesses, S2 is developing the next generation of video surveillance systems with a more sophisticated user interface design. ICS developed the new system, which replaces a legacy product, to allow the display of multiple live video streams. The new cross-platform system expands the product functionality with impressive graphics capabilities as well.