How to Use this Manual


The following table provides an overview of the Builder Xcessory User's Guide:

Getting Started

Provides an overview of Builder Xcessory and an example to
introduce you to developing with Builder Xcessory.

Classes and Methods

Describes how to create and manipulate high-level objects, classes, with Builder Xcessory.

Layouts and Geometry

Describes how to work with the various geometry managers in both Motif and Java.

Activating Your Interface

Describes how to link your
user interface with the rest of your application.

Extending Builder Xcessory

Describes how to integrate Builder Xcessory with other tools.

See Internationalizing Applications

Provides an overview of the issues pertaining to developing localized and internationalized applications.

Porting GIL to Motif

Describes the process of
importing OPEN LOOK GIL files into Builder Xcessory to convert them to Motif.


Describes how to use Builder Xcessory features with several examples.