Internationalizing Your Application

Internationalization (I18N) is the development of applications that can be run in different language environments (Japanese, Spanish, English, and so forth) without code revision or recompilation. The code is free of dependencies on language, character set, or special data representations (for example, currency and time formats).


Any language-specific information required by the application must be kept separate from the application source code. Typically, this information includes:

· Data Presentation Format

· Collation Order

· Numeric Format

· Currency Format

· Time Format

· Date Format

· Bitmaps

· Icons

· Geometry

· All strings to be displayed to the user

Localization is the process by which this information is prepared for access by the application in the context of a given language.

Note: Not everything can be localized. Source code elements such as identifiers, resource names, and instance names must remain C-readable.

In the course of writing an application that will work in different languages, you must make decisions concerning coding, input techniques, and output methods and formats. Builder Xcessory has several features that assist you in producing an internationalized application.