X and Motif I18N Support

When X11R5 and Motif 1.2 were released, they contained new data types, function calls, fonts, and modifications to widgets to handle the localization of graphical user interface (GUI) applications. These additions provide a method by which you can create applications, with one set of source code, that can run in any one of several alternative languages, depending on the locale. Although these additions enable I18N and localization, they do not facilitate them.

Types of problems

When internationalizing an application, there are three broad types of problem:

· File processing problems

How are characters encoded; how does your application deal with storage formats for dates, addresses, currency, and so on?

· Input problems

How are the characters of a complex character set (for example, ideographic sets) actually entered when it is impractical to construct a physical keyboard capable of representing every one of those characters?

· Output problems

How are characters of different languages displayed within the application, especially within the same text area?

Note: Builder Xcessory uses the same features supported in generated code, so you can choose to run Builder Xcessory in another locale. This allows strings to be input with that locale's input method.

Note: A Japanese version is available. Contact your ICS Sales Representative.