Conversion Conventions

You should also be aware of the conversion conventions described in the following sections.

Numeric Textfields

Numeric textfields are created as Motif text field widgets with a modifyVerify callback set to BxVerifyNumericCB. This callback allows only digits to be entered into the text field. It does not support Devguide attributes such as minimum and maximum range, nor the increment and decrement arrow buttons.


Builder Xcessory creates a MenuBar for every OPEN LOOK menu that it encounters, because menus under the OPEN LOOK Style Guide are commonly distributed throughout an interface. Motif interfaces typically have all of their menus in a single menu bar at the top of the window.

Consequently, after importing a GIL file the first thing that you will often do is to combine the various MenuBar/CascadeButton combinations into a single MenuBar with multiple cascadeButton children. Also consider creating a single MainWindow widget at the top of your object instance hierarchy and having it contain the main MenuBar and a manager widget that controls all of the other widgets in the window.

Help Text

The help text attribute on Devguide objects is imported as the predefined callback BxHelpCB assigned to the corresponding Motif widget's XmNhelpCallback. This predefined callback creates and manages a dialog containing the help text and a dismiss button.