This appendix includes the following tutorials to help you experiment with Builder Xcessory by creating a series of progressively more complicated interfaces:

· Tutorial One: Simple Actions and Tutorial Two: Simple Objects illustrate the basic functions of Builder Xcessory's three main windows: the Palette, Browser, and Resource Editor. You build a small collection of widgets, add simple callback capabilities to these widgets, and test the interface.

· Tutorial Three: Creating a Dialog demonstrates the creation and implementation of a dialog.

· Tutorial Four: Using Resource Styles leads you through the creation and application of a simple hierarchy of resource styles.

· Tutorial Five: Advanced Techniques shows you how to edit a creation routine, pass widget IDs globally between structures, and experiment with other advanced Builder Xcessory techniques.

· Tutorial Six: Compound Strings and Font Lists allows you to experiment with compound strings and font lists, Builder Xcessory's principal mechanisms for working with internationalized applications.

· Tutorial Seven: Classes introduces classes and class instance resources.

· Tutorial Eight: Creating Classes and Subclasses shows how to create a menu, make the menu a class, and create subclasses from that class.

· Tutorial Nine: Creating a Java Applet or Application demonstrates the creation of a set of Java classes that can be used as an applet or application.