Using the Resource Editor

Customizing objects

When building a user interface with Builder Xcessory, you spend much of your time using the Resource Editor to customize your UI objects.

Changing default resource values

To change the default resource values for a Palette object:

1. Create an instance of the object.

2. Set the resource values to your desired defaults.

3. Drag the object instance, with MB2, back onto the Palette.

This object remains on the Palette for you to use in all of your Builder Xcessory sessions.

The three primary methods of setting resources are to set resources with the display area, the extended editors, and styles. Each has its own strengths for different situations.

Using the Resource Editor Edit/ Display area

Use the Resource Editor Edit/Display area under the following conditions:

· To quickly set simple resources on one or more selected objects.

· To set a value for a group of selected objects that currently have different values for a resource.

· When working with a group of resources, perhaps a customized list, accessed through the Resource Editor View menu.

Using the extended editors

Use the extended editors under the following conditions:

· When choosing a complex resource value such as an X11 font name,
or pixmap.

· When choosing from a known set of values such as predefined routines or object siblings.

· When setting differing values of a single resource on many objects.

Using styles

Use styles under the following conditions:

· When working with a style guide, or corporate "look and feel".

· When setting identical values of a resource on many objects.

· When working with a group of objects that should appear or behave similarly to each other.