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** Copyright ( C ) 2002-2006 Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
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** This file is part of an example program for QicsTable.  This example
** program may be used, distributed and modified without limitation.


#include <QicsDataItem.h>
#include <QPoint>

// This is an example of a custom data type.  This data type represents
// a QPoint value.

class QicsDataQPoint : public QicsDataItem
    QicsDataQPoint(const QPoint &p);
    QicsDataQPoint(const QicsDataQPoint &di);

    inline QicsDataItem *create(void) const
    { return new QicsDataQPoint(); }
    inline QicsDataItem *clone(void) const
    { return new QicsDataQPoint(*this); }

    inline virtual QicsDataItemType type(void) const
    { return (QicsDataItem_UserDefined); }

    inline static QString typeName(void)
    { return QString("qpoint"); }

    inline virtual QString typeString(void) const
    { return QicsDataQPoint::typeName(); }

    inline virtual QicsDataQPoint& operator=(const QPoint & p)
    { setData(p); return *this;}

    inline virtual const QString string(void) const
    { return QString("(%1, %2)").arg(myData.x()) .arg(myData.y()); }

    virtual bool setString(const QString &str);

    inline QPoint data(void) const
    { return myData; }
    inline void setData(const QPoint & p)
    { myData = p;}

    virtual QString format(const char *fmt_string) const;

    int compareTo(const QicsDataItem &x) const;

    void encode(QDataStream &ds) const;

    static QicsDataItem *fromString(const QString &str);
    static QicsDataItem *decode(QDataStream &ds);

    QPoint myData;

#endif /* _CUSTOM_DATA_TYPE_H */

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