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** This file is part of an example program for QicsTable.  This example
** program may be used, distributed and modified without limitation.

#include "custom_grid.h"
#include <QMouseEvent>
#include <QMenu>

// This is an example of a custom table grid.  This grid acts like
// the default QicsTableGrid, except that it posts a popup menu
// when the user presses the right mouse button.

CustomGrid::CustomGrid(QWidget *w, QicsGridInfo &info,
               int top_row, int left_column) :
    QicsTableGrid(w, info, top_row, left_column)
    _menu = new QMenu(this);
    _menu->addAction(QString("Cut"), w, SLOT(cut()));
    _menu->addAction(QString("Copy"), w, SLOT(copy()));
    _menu->addAction(QString("Paste"), w, SLOT(paste()));

QicsTableGrid *
CustomGrid::createGrid(QWidget *w, QicsGridInfo &info,
               int top_row, int left_column)
    return (new CustomGrid(w, info, top_row, left_column));

CustomGrid::handleMousePressEvent(const QicsICell &cell, QMouseEvent *m)
    if (m->button() == Qt::RightButton)
    QicsTableGrid::handleMousePressEvent(cell, m);

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