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#include <QicsNamespace.h>

Inherited by QicsCellCommon, QicsCellDisplay, QicsDataItem, QicsDataModel, QicsDimensionManager, QicsGrid, QicsGridInfo, QicsRowColumnDrag, QicsScroller, QicsScrollManager, QicsSelectionManager, QicsSorter, QicsSpanManager, QicsStyle, QicsStyleManager, QicsTable, and QicsTableRegionDrag.

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Public Types

enum  QicsSortMode { QicsStableSort = 0, QicsQuickSort }
enum  QicsCellOverflowBehavior { Clip = 0, Overflow, ToolTip }
enum  QicsCurrentCellStyle { Spreadsheet = 0, NormalSelected }
enum  QicsGridCellClipping { AllowPartial = 0, NoDisplayOnPartial, UseClippedSymbol }
enum  QicsGridType { TableGrid = 0, RowHeaderGrid, ColumnHeaderGrid }
enum  QicsHeaderType { RowHeader = 0, ColumnHeader }
enum  QicsIndexType { RowIndex, ColumnIndex }
enum  QicsLineStyle { None = 0, Plain, Raised, Sunken }
enum  QicsRepaintBehavior { RepaintOff = 0, RepaintOn = 1, RepaintCalcOnly = 2 }
enum  QicsScrollBarMode { Auto = 0, AlwaysOff, AlwaysOn }
enum  QicsScrollDirection {
  ScrollNone = 0, ScrollUp, ScrollDown, ScrollLeft,
  ScrollRight, ScrollToRow, ScrollToColumn
enum  QicsSelectionPolicy {
  SelectNone = 0, SelectSingle, SelectMultiple, SelectSingleRow,
enum  QicsSelectionType {
  SelectionNone = 0, SelectionBegin, SelectionDrag, SelectionEnd,
  SelectionExtend, SelectionAdd
enum  QicsSortOrder { Ascending = 0, Descending }
enum  QicsTableDisplayOption { DisplayNever = 0, DisplayAlways, DisplayFirstPage }
enum  QicsTraversalKeyEditBehavior { TraverseWithinCell = 0, TraverseBetweenCells }

Detailed Description

A common superclass for all Qics classes.

Qics is a common superclass for all Qics classes. The Qics class contains mostly type declarations at the moment.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Qics::QicsCellOverflowBehavior

Denotes the behavior of grids when handling cells whose contents cannot be displayed in the boundaries of the cell.

  • Clip Cell contents are clipped at the edges of the cell
  • Overflow The grid will attempt to overflow into adjacent cells
  • ToolTip The full contents of the cell will be displayed in a tooltip when the mouse pointer is hovered over the cell

enum Qics::QicsCurrentCellStyle

Denotes the visual style that the current cell of the table will be drawn with.

  • Spreadsheet The current cell will be drawn with a solid border and will always use the cell's background color.
  • NormalSelected The current cell will be drawn the same as all other selected cells. The border will be as specified in the cell's border properties, and the background will be the cell's selected color.

enum Qics::QicsGridCellClipping

Denotes the policy for displaying text that is too long to fit in its cell

  • AllowPartial Shows as much of the text as possible
  • NoDisplayOnPartial Do not display text if it cannot fit in the cell
  • UseClippedSymbol Display a clipped symbol at the end of the partial text

enum Qics::QicsGridType

Specifies a type of grid object.

  • TableGrid A grid used to display normal table data
  • RowHeaderGrid A grid used to display row header data
  • ColumnHeaderGrid A grid used to display column header data

enum Qics::QicsHeaderType

Specifies the type of table header.

  • HeaderRow A row header
  • HeaderColumn A column header

enum Qics::QicsIndexType

Specifies the type of table index.

  • RowIndex A row index
  • ColumnIndex A column index

enum Qics::QicsLineStyle

Denotes the style of lines and borders in the table widget.

  • None No line or border
  • Plain A simple, plain line or border
  • Raised A raised line (using shadows)
  • Sunken A sunken line (using shadows)

enum Qics::QicsRepaintBehavior

Specifies the recalculation and repainting behavior of tables and grids.

  • RepaintOff Do not perform any drawing or dimension calculations
  • RepaintOn Draw as needed, keep all dimensions up to date
  • RepaintCalcOnly Do not draw, but keep all dimensions up to date

enum Qics::QicsScrollBarMode

Specifies the various modes of QicsTable's scroll bars.

  • Auto QicsTable shows a scroll bar when the content is too large to fit and not otherwise.
  • AlwaysOff QicsTable never shows a scroll bar.
  • AlwaysOn QicsTable always shows a scroll bar.

enum Qics::QicsScrollDirection

Denotes a direction for scrolling operations, or that an absolute scroll should occur.

  • ScrollNone no scroll allowed
  • ScrollUp scrolling up on a certain number of rows
  • ScrollDown scrolling down on a certain number of rows
  • ScrollLeft scrolling left on a certain number of columns
  • ScrollRight scrolling right on a certain number of columns
  • ScrollToRow scrolling up or down to a certain row
  • ScrollToColumn scrolling left or right to a certain column

enum Qics::QicsSelectionPolicy

Denotes the selection policy for the table.

  • SelectNone no selection allowed
  • SelectSingle single cell selection
  • SelectionMultiple multiple cell selection (including non-contiguous regions)
  • SelectSingleRow selecting a cell selects the entire row, only one row can be selected
  • SelectMultipleRow selecting a cell selects the entire row, multiple rows can be selected

enum Qics::QicsSortMode

Denotes the sort algorithm which is used

  • QicsStableSort Used non distructive, stable sort algorithm
  • QicsQuickSort Default quick sort algorithm.

enum Qics::QicsSortOrder

Specifies whenever ordering should be ascending or descending.

  • Ascending Ascending order
  • Descending Descending order

enum Qics::QicsTableDisplayOption

Specifies a printing display policy for elements of the table

  • DisplayNever Do not display the element when printing
  • DisplayAlways Always display the element when printing
  • DisplayFirstPage Display the element only when printing the first page of the table

enum Qics::QicsTraversalKeyEditBehavior

Specifies the behavior of the traversal keys (left, right, up, down, etc) while editing a cell.

  • TraverseWithinCell Traversal keys move the text cursor within the edited cell.
  • TraverseBetweenCells Traversal keys move the current cell highlight between cells in the table.

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