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QicsPasteValidator Class Reference

Abstract class for paste validator. More...

#include <QicsPasteValidator.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool validate (const QicsICell &dest_cell, const QicsSelectionList *source_selection, const QicsDataModel &source_items, const QicsDataModel *main_dm)=0

Detailed Description

Abstract class for paste validator.

Abstract class for paste validator. This validator will be used when data is pasted into cell/cells(through drag&drop or QicsTable::paste() method).To use it you must subclass it and reimplement pure virtual method validate(const QicsDataModel&).

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool QicsPasteValidator::validate const QicsICell dest_cell,
const QicsSelectionList source_selection,
const QicsDataModel source_items,
const QicsDataModel main_dm
[pure virtual]

Reimplement this method for your own paste validator. dest_cell - destination cell where data is going to be pasted. source_selection - selection from what data is going to be pasted(through drag&drop). When you are pasting data through QicsTable::copy() and QicsTable::paste() methods or data from external applications source_selection will be a NULL pointer. source_items - const reference to data model that contains items to be pasted. main_dm - pointer to main table's data model.

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