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QicsDataItem.h File Reference

#include <QicsNamespace.h>
#include <QString>
#include <QDateTime>
#include <QDataStream>

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class  QicsDataItem
 A lightweight abstract wrapper class for a generic item. More...
class  QicsDataBool
 An boolean data item. More...
class  QicsDataInt
 An integer data item. More...
class  QicsDataLong
 A long integer data item. More...
class  QicsDataLongLong
 A long long integer data item. More...
class  QicsDataFloat
 A float data item. More...
class  QicsDataDouble
 A double data item. More...
class  QicsDataString
 A string data item. More...
class  QicsDataDate
 A date data item. More...
class  QicsDataTime
 A time data item. More...
class  QicsDataDateTime
 A datetime data item. More...




typedef unsigned int QicsDataItemType
typedef QicsDataItem *(*) QicsDataItemParser (const QString &)
typedef QicsDataItem *(*) QicsDataItemDecoder (QDataStream &)
typedef QicsDataItem *(*) QicsDataItemDecoderWithType (QDataStream &, const QString &)
typedef int(*) DataItemComparator (const QicsDataItem *, const QicsDataItem *)


const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_UserDefined = 0
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Int = 1
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Long = 2
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_LongLong = 3
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Float = 4
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Double = 5
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_String = 6
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Date = 7
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Time = 8
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_DateTime = 9
const QicsDataItemType QicsDataItem_Bool = 10

Detailed Description

Define Documentation


default false string for QicsDataBool item


default true string for QicsDataBool item

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(*) DataItemComparator(const QicsDataItem *, const QicsDataItem *)

comparator for two QicsDataItem items


This typedef defines a static method that decodes a QDataStream and returns a new QicsDataItem.


This typedef defines a static method that parses a QString and returns a new QicsDataItem. If the method cannot parse the string, it should return 0.

typedef unsigned int QicsDataItemType

limited introspection of data items

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