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QicsSelectionManager Class Reference

internal Manager for selections in the table More...

#include <QicsSelectionManager.h>

Inherits QObject, and Qics.

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Public Types

enum  QicsWideKeyAction { Del_DeleteSelected, CtrlA_SelectAll }
enum  QicsBoxBorders {
  TopBorder = 1, BottomBorder = 2, LeftBorder = 4, RightBorder = 8,
  AllBorders = 1+2+4+8
enum  QicsCopyPolicy {
  CopyData = 1, CopyAttributes = 2, CopyDimensions = 4, CopySpans = 8,
  CopyAll = 1+2+4+8
enum  QicsClearPolicy { ClearData = 1, ClearAttributes = 2, ClearSpans = 4, ClearAll = 1+2+4 }
enum  QicsSortMode { QicsStableSort = 0, QicsQuickSort }
enum  QicsCellOverflowBehavior { Clip = 0, Overflow, ToolTip }
enum  QicsCurrentCellStyle { Spreadsheet = 0, NormalSelected }
enum  QicsSelectionStyle { Normal = 0, Exclusive }
enum  QicsGridCellClipping { AllowPartial = 0, NoDisplayOnPartial, UseClippedSymbol }
enum  QicsGridType { TableGrid = 0, RowHeaderGrid, ColumnHeaderGrid }
enum  QicsHeaderType { RowHeader = 0, ColumnHeader }
enum  QicsIndexType { NoIndex = 0, RowIndex, ColumnIndex, RowAndColumnIndex }
enum  QicsLineStyle { None = 0, Plain, Raised, Sunken }
enum  QicsRepaintBehavior { RepaintOff = 0, RepaintOn = 1, RepaintCalcOnly = 2 }
enum  QicsScrollBarMode { Auto = 0, AlwaysOff, AlwaysOn }
enum  QicsScrollDirection {
  ScrollNone = 0, ScrollUp = 1, ScrollDown = 2, ScrollLeft = 4,
  ScrollRight = 8, ScrollToRow = 16, ScrollToColumn = 32
enum  QicsSelectionPolicy {
  SelectNone = 0, SelectSingle, SelectMultiple, SelectSingleRow,
enum  QicsSelectionType {
  SelectionNone = 0, SelectionBegin, SelectionDrag, SelectionEnd,
  SelectionExtend, SelectionAdd, SelectionReplace
enum  QicsSortOrder { Ascending = 0, Descending }
enum  QicsTableDisplayOption { DisplayNever = 0, DisplayAlways, DisplayFirstPage }
enum  QicsTraversalKeyEditBehavior { TraverseWithinCell = 0, TraverseBetweenCells }
enum  QicsCurrentCellDraggingPolicy { DragCurrent = 0, DragSelection }

Public Slots

void orderChanged (QicsIndexType, QVector< int > &)
void deleteRows (int num, int start_position)
void deleteColumns (int num, int start_position)


void selectionListChanged (bool in_progress)
void selectionListChangedExternal (bool in_progress)
void selectionCellsChanged (QicsRegion)
void rowSelected (int row, bool selected)
void columnSelected (int col, bool selected)

Public Member Functions

QicsDataModeldataModel (void) const
void setDataModel (QicsDataModel *sm)
QicsStyleManager * styleManager (void) const
void setStyleManager (QicsStyleManager *sm)
void setGridInfo (QicsGridInfo *)
void addHeader (QicsHeaderGrid *hdr)
void removeHeader (QObject *hdr)
QicsSelectionListselectionList (bool nocopy=false) const
void setSelectionList (const QicsSelectionList &sel_list)
void clearSelectionList (void)
QicsRegion selectedRegion () const
QicsSelectionListselectionActionList (void) const
void addSelection (QicsSelection &selection)
QicsSelectionPolicy selectionPolicy (void) const
void setSelectionPolicy (QicsSelectionPolicy policy)
void processSelectionEvent (QicsSelectionType stype, int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
bool canSelectMultiple (void) const
const QicsSelectionexclusiveSelection () const
const QicsSelectioncurrentSelection () const

Protected Types

enum  QicsSelectState { QicsSelectFalse, QicsSelectTrue, QicsSelectFalseRevert, QicsSelectTrueRevert }
typedef QVector< QicsGrid * > QicsGridPV
typedef QVector< QicsHeaderGrid * > QicsHeaderGridPV

Protected Member Functions

void beginSelection (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
void dragSelection (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
void extendSelection (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
void addSelection (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
void endSelection (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
void deleteSelection (void)
void invalidateSelection (QicsSelection &sel)
void replaceSelection (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col)
void validateSelection (QicsSelection &sel)
void setSelectionProperty (const QicsSelection &selection, QicsSelectionManager::QicsSelectState sel)
void setSelectionProperty (int begin_row, int begin_col, int end_row, int end_col, QicsSelectionManager::QicsSelectState sel)
void setRowSelectionProperty (QicsGridInfo &, int row, QicsSelectionManager::QicsSelectState sel, QicsStyleManager *sm)
void setColumnSelectionProperty (QicsGridInfo &, int col, QicsSelectionManager::QicsSelectState sel, QicsStyleManager *sm)
void addToSelectionList (QicsSelection &sel)
QicsSelectionfindSelectionBlock (int anchor_row, int anchor_col)
void announceChanges (bool in_progress)

Protected Attributes

QicsStyleManager * myStyleManager
QicsSelection myCurrentSelection
QicsSelection myExclusiveSelection
QicsSelectState myCurrentDragAction
QicsSelectionList mySelectionList
QicsHeaderGridPV myHeaderList
QicsRegion myAffectedRegion
QicsRegion myExtSelRegion
QicsSelectionPolicy mySelectionPolicy
bool mySelectionChangedFlag

Detailed Description

internal Manager for selections in the table

QicsSelectionManager handles cell selection in the QicsTable widget. The object receives messages from the QicsGrid widget specifying selection actions that the user has taken. Selection actions can also be performed by the programmer through the QicsTable API.

When selection actions are made, the selection manager updates its internal state, and also updates the style manager so that affected cells have the correct QicsCellStyle::Selected state.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Qics::QicsWideKeyAction [inherited]

Denotes global key actions available for the table grid.

enum Qics::QicsBoxBorders [inherited]

Denotes the box borders of cell region.

enum Qics::QicsCopyPolicy [inherited]

Denotes the copying policy during copy/paste and drag/drop operations.

enum Qics::QicsClearPolicy [inherited]

Denotes the clearing policy during cut and delete operations.

enum Qics::QicsSortMode [inherited]

Denotes the sort algorithm which is used.

enum Qics::QicsCellOverflowBehavior [inherited]

Denotes the behavior of grids when handling cells whose contents cannot be displayed in the boundaries of the cell.

enum Qics::QicsCurrentCellStyle [inherited]

Denotes the visual style that the current cell of the table will be drawn with.

enum Qics::QicsSelectionStyle [inherited]

enum Qics::QicsGridCellClipping [inherited]

Denotes the policy for displaying text that is too long to fit in its cell.

enum Qics::QicsGridType [inherited]

Specifies a type of grid object.

enum Qics::QicsHeaderType [inherited]

Specifies the type of table header.

enum Qics::QicsIndexType [inherited]

Specifies the type of table index.

enum Qics::QicsLineStyle [inherited]

Denotes the style of lines and borders in the table widget.

enum Qics::QicsRepaintBehavior [inherited]

Specifies the recalculation and repainting behavior of tables and grids.

enum Qics::QicsScrollBarMode [inherited]

Specifies the various modes of QicsTable's scroll bars.

enum Qics::QicsScrollDirection [inherited]

Denotes a direction for scrolling operations, or that an absolute scroll should occur.

enum Qics::QicsSelectionPolicy [inherited]

Denotes the selection policy for the table.

enum Qics::QicsSortOrder [inherited]

Specifies whenever ordering should be ascending or descending.

enum Qics::QicsTableDisplayOption [inherited]

Specifies a printing display policy for elements of the table.

enum Qics::QicsTraversalKeyEditBehavior [inherited]

Specifies the behavior of the traversal keys. (left, right, up, down, etc) while editing a cell.

enum Qics::QicsCurrentCellDraggingPolicy [inherited]

Specifies the behavior of drag&drop operations when it has began from current cell.

Member Function Documentation

QicsRegion QicsSelectionManager::selectedRegion (  )  const [inline]

Returns QicsRegion covering all the selections, or invalid region if the list is empty.


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