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HOWTO - Major/Minor Rows and Columns

When displaying table data, often adjacent columns (or, less frequently, rows) are related. We would like to be able to display these columns as a group, with each minor column having a different label, while the group as a whole (the major column) has its own label. Selecting the major column automatically selects all of its minor columns, and moving the major column automatically moves all of its minor columns.

In QicsTable, the way to to achieve this type of display is through the use of cell spans. For a general overview of cell spans, please see HOWTO - Cell Spanning. In this example, we are going to use a cell span in the column header. Remember that the main grid and the headers all have a set of common grid properties and methods, and that almost anything that you can do to the main grid can also be done to the headers, including adding cell spans.

The first step in creating the major and minor columns is to add a second row to the column header. This will allow us to use the top row to show major column labels and to use to bottom row to show minor column labels.

Once we have a second row in the column header, we just add a cell span in the top row to span all of the minor columns. This cell span becomes the extent of our major column.

    // The column header needs to have two rows

    // Add the span in the column header.  This span starts at
    // cell (0,1) in the header, and spans 1 row and 3 columns.
    QicsSpan span(0,1, 1,3);

    // Clear out the labels for all the cells in the top row.
    // If we don't do this, they will be labeled with the column number.
    table->columnHeaderRef().rowRef(0).setLabel(QString(" "));

    // Label the major column, and center its label in the span

    // Label each of the minor columns in the bottom row
    table->columnHeaderRef().cellRef(1,1).setLabel(QString("Minor 1"));
    table->columnHeaderRef().cellRef(1,2).setLabel(QString("Minor 2"));
    table->columnHeaderRef().cellRef(1,3).setLabel(QString("Minor 3"));


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