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How to Use This Manual

This guide describes how to create programs using ObjectPakTM, a C++ toolkit that provides commonly needed facilities for applications based on the OSF/MotifTM user interface toolkit. ObjectPak is derived from Silicon Graphics' IRIS ViewKitTM.

Chapter Overview

The following table provides an overview of each chapter of the ViewKit ObjectPak Programmer's Reference manual:

Chapter 1--Introduction
Provides an overview of ViewKit ObjectPak. describes the ObjectPak toolkit and the advantages of using it compared to programming directly in OSF/Motif and X, discusses the major elements of ObjectPak, and provides instructions for compiling ObjectPak programs.
Chapter 2--ViewKit Components
Describes the ObjectPak component class, gives instructions for using ObjectPak components, and lists guidelines for creating new components.
Chapter 3--Application Class
Describes the services provided by the ObjectPak application class and gives instructions for controlling application-level services in your program.
Chapter 4--ViewKit Windows

Describes ObjectPak's model for supporting multiple windows in an application, and describes how to create and manipulate application windows.

Chapter 5--Creating Menus

Describes how to create and manipulate different types of menus in a ObjectPak application.

Chapter 6--Undo Management and Command Classes

Describes how to implement support for "undoing" operations and describes how to implement actions as command classes.

Chapter 7--Using Dialogs

Discusses ObjectPak's dialog management support, describes how to post and manipulate dialogs, and provides an overview of the different types of dialogs supported by ObjectPak.

Chapter 8--Preference Dialogs

Describes how to use preference dialogs to maintain user preferences.

Chapter 9--Graph Component

Discusses the ObjectPak component for creating and displaying arc-and-node graphs.

Chapter 10--Miscellaneous Display Classes

describes a variety of components that you use primarily to display information or to manage display items.

Chapter 11--Data Input Classes

Describes a variety of data input classes.

Appendix A-- Interprocess Message Facility
Describes ObjectPak's support for interprocess communication
Appendix B-- Contributed Classes
Describes some unsupported ObjectPak classes contributed by users to help you expand ObjectPak.
Appendix C-- Using a Help System
Explains how to use a help system with ObjectPak applications and describes the basic help system provided with ObjectPak.

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