ICS' Rapid Development Approach

We combine a UX-focused development process with a powerful software architecture in a test-driven environment to help you more quickly build a superior product.


Development Process

  • UX implemented early improves the quality of your application
  • Early availability of a working prototype allows you to test marketability
  • Pixel-perfect UI flows into your application without disruption or translation
  • Late UI changes are easily accommodated

Powerful Software

  • Enforces efficient development based on best practices, resulting in fewer mistakes
  • Enables reusable components that connect with a rules engine, creating external visibility
  • Generates standards-based code, C++/Qt/QML
  • Delivers flexibility to support future interfaces, including voice and mobile


  • Built-in device simulator allows early availability of functional prototype
  • Enables both usability and software testing
  • Early testing on target hardware uncovers unforeseen issues while there's still time to solve them
  • With each sprint, the functional prototype running on target hardware evolves into a high-quality finished product


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