Medical Control Systems

Large and complex devices, such as MRI scanners or radiation therapy systems for cancer treatment, typically have remote display and control systems associated with them, allowing a clinician to administer treatments safely and efficiently. These control systems have much in common with enterprise-class desktop software, an area in which ICS has over a decade of experience providing custom software solutions.

Desktop Control

There are varieties of treatment modalities for patients, such as radiation or lasers, that save lives daily, but must be administered from a distance. Controlling the devices that administer these treatments is often done from a desktop system running Windows or Linux, with custom software specifically designed to interface with these systems. The user interfaces (UIs) for these control systems must be designed to be efficient and match the workflows of the clinicians using them, guiding the user to a successful outcome and preventing errors whenever possible. The system software must be robust and responsive, able to handle any conditions the treatment system can generate and respond instantly to the demands of the clinician.

Handling Critical Systems

ICS designers and engineers have been creating systems for mission critical environments for years. It starts with a design team that knows how to balance human factors, visual design, the requirements of development to produce a system design that is usable, modern looking and implementable on our client’s timetable. Our experienced engineers know how to take designs and produce reliable software, adhering to customer requirements and government regulations. Our team can deliver the medical control system you need, on time and on budget.

Custom Client Engagements

Learn about how ICS provides high quality, stable and cost-effective medical systems for diverse markets.