Mobile Medical Applications

The world has gone mobile and patients expect the ability to help manage their own care, even when they are at home or away from their doctors. From tablets to smartphones to wearable devices, ICS has the experience to create the applications that can analyze, monitor or provide critical care data to clinicians and patients, when and where they need it. Our user experience (UX) designers know how to design for the various mobile ecosystems, including iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry or even create a complete custom experience. ICS mobile applications engineers have the expertise to build on these platforms, quickly and efficiently getting your apps into the hands of those who need them.

Modern Mobile Design

Users of mobile devices expect modern, crisp and responsive user interfaces. While the focus of medical applications must always be to provide assistance and support to the patient or clinician, it is no longer sufficient to have simple or graphically unappealing screens. An application design must be as modern as those found on a user's phone or quality will be perceived as low. The ICS UX Team has designed a variety of apps intended to run on phones, tablets and wearable devices. Intuitive and intelligent, our designs are not only pleasing to the eye and look right at home in their respective ecosystems but are also usable and understandable to both non-technical users as well as trained clinicians.

Building Modern Mobile Systems

Developing an application to run on modern mobile platforms can be challenging. Every platform has custom APIs to learn, different UI styles to follow and requirements to be able to publish into its respective app store. ICS engineers have the experience to handle all these challenges without affecting your schedule or your budget. Known for our skills in developing Qt-based applications, we also have expertise with Java, XAML and HTML5. Let us help you get your app into your customer’s hands well ahead of the competition.

Custom Client Engagements

Learn about how ICS provides high quality, stable and cost-effective medical systems for diverse markets.