June 2015

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Looking for best practices in Qt Quick/ QML? Look no further! Join us for part II of our summer webinar series and explore the best of Qt/QML for mobile, embedded and desktop. Register Now >


Integrating C++
with QML

Qt Quick's QML language facilitates many things, especially fancy animated user interfaces. However, there are limitations. Learn how Qt makes it easy to expose C++ code to QML and see an example of this with a small but functional application. More



State of the Art
OpenGL and Qt

Get a comprehensive overview of OpenGL, a powerful, low-level graphics toolkit allowing access to accelerated GPU and hardware. Learn the many aspects of OpenGL development where Qt provides advanced interfaces to let developer’s focus on tasks instead of dealing with repetitive and error-prone, platform dependent issues. Live Webinar


verticle line Welcome to the June ICS Newsletter. Summer is in full swing and ICS has been busy as ever with IVI, medical, security and IoT projects. The Qt community has been busy too, with recent releases of Qt 4.8.7, Qt 5.4.2, and Qt Creator 3.4.1. Qt 5.5.0, one of the two major Qt releases per year, is on track to be released this month and will include the new modules Qt 3D, Qt Canvas 3D and Qt Location. Qt 4.8.7 will likely be the last release of the Qt 4 series, and official support will end this year, so if you have not yet made the transition to Qt 5, time is running out. To help you make the most of Qt, ICS presents the Qt Summer Webinar Series that will enhance the way you use Qt, helping you to quickly develop and deliver your products and applications – we hope you enjoy!


Jeff Tranter
Senior Qt Consulting Manager
ICS, Inc.

UX First: Integrating User Experience Design into the Product Life-cycle
Learn about the business of UX and design-centric companies who invest in and integrate UX First into its product life-cycle process. Live Webinar

Qt Ins & Outs: Tips & Tricks for Building Compelling User Experiences with Qt
Join ICS and the Qt Company in Huntsville, AL and Washington D.C. to learn what's new in Qt 5.5 and how to effectively develop with Qt​ while networking with fellow developers and experts in your area. Live Event

Internet of Things: Connecting Intelligent Systems with MRAA
IoT ranges from the very small and trivial to the very large and complex. A recent project with Intel related to the Internet of Things using MRAA gave us a chance to highlight some of these capabilities with low-level hardware, operating systems and device drivers. More

ICS Qt Training: August 10 – 14th
Whether you are new to Qt, just need to update your skills or learn what's new in Qt, come learn from the leading source of expert Qt engineers who have real world experience with leading companies. What have you got to learn? More

Internet of Things: Using MRAA to Abstract Platform I/O Capabilities
This latest whitepaper explains the general usage of the MRAA APIs that can greatly simplify working with various types of devices. More


Dynamic Language Selection in Qt
Learn how to support dynamic language selection in an application using Qt where the application can change the displayed language from within the application at run-time, rather than picking it up from the locale once on startup. More


ICS Insight Blog

The rise of the creative engineer and the linear designer. Connecting software developers and UX designers with ideas, inspiration and insight to build the best products the world has to offer. More


Upcoming Events

  event   Qt World Summit 2015 – Berlin, Germany
ICS is a Platinum Sponsor at the Qt World Summit! Whether you are a technology director, business decision maker, tech strategist, product manager, engineer or developer there is something for you. Live Event
  event   GENIVI AMM Showcase Reception – Seoul, South Korea
See how ICS is building next generation automotive IVI software solutions with Qt/QML at the GENIVI AMM Showcase Reception. Live Event
  event   ICS Summer Webinar Series
Join us this summer as our Qt engineers will bring you a series of webinars that will enhance the way you use Qt, helping you to future proof your products and applications. Live Webinars
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