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Registration for Qt Developer Days San Francisco is Now Open!


Join us Nov 6-8 in the City by the Bay—this year marks the 10th annual Qt Developer Days, the premier Qt event of the year! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, collaborate and discover the future of Qt. Early-bird pricing ends September 30 so be sure to register soon!.


What’s New This Year? We are introducing Lightning Talks!

This means we welcome any conference delegate to give a 10-minute lightning talk on any subject relating to Qt. Lightning Talks are fast and fun! Everyone is welcome to submit an idea. Anyone. Any Qt topic. So bring your best ideas, inspirations, interesting Qt challenges or innovations. Give us 10 minutes and your peers may give you an award. Don’t be shy—submit your idea for a Lightning Talk today! Qt Developer Days is also taking place in Berlin on Oct 7-9.

Sept 5 1:00 pm EDT Data Models and Views
Sept 19 1:00 pm EDT Advanced Anchors
Oct 3 1:00 pm EDT QML Language Scope
Oct 17 1:00 pm EDT Keyboard Input Handling
Oct 31 1:00 pm EDT From the Trenches: Lessons Learned from Real World QML Projects

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Don’t forget to stop by to stay current with the latest news with This Week in Qt an original weekly blog published by the ICS engineering team. This blog quickly highlights all things Qt for developers short on time. 

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Qt Tip of the Month

C++ and Qt
Recent C++ compilers now support most of the new features of the C++11 language standard. Some compilers need command line options to enable C++11 support. If you are using qmake as your build system, adding the following line to your qmake project file should produce a make file with suitable options for your compiler: "CONFIG += c++11".