November 2014 Newsletter

ICS November Newsletter

Qt Developer Days Wraps Up in the      City by the Bay!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Qt Developer Days 2014 in San Francisco this year. Your presence is what made this event a success!
Once again, we were enriched by technical talks, in-depth training sessions, real-world examples of Qt in Use and leading edge technology from our sponsors.  
Overall, the event provided the Qt community a snapshot of how Qt continues to transform products and industries worldwide. We were struck by the advances Qt is helping to make possible, across all industries, but especially in medical devices, automotive infotainment and robotics.
We also want to thank all of our speakers and our sponsors -- froglogic, QNX, Adeneo, Freescale, Pelagicore and LG. Finally thanks to our co-hosts, The Qt Company and KDAB. Together, we all made this year?s conference fantastic!  
Copies of many of the presentations  are available now, with more to come soon.

See our photo gallery of the event.
Videos of the keynotes will be posted shortly. Check back at the Qt Developer Days site.
Congratulations to our Lightning Talk winners:

  • Stanley Morris: Using SVG Images in QML

  • Chris Dolan: Sony Catalyst Prepare: A high?performance
      QML app for video preparation

  • Martin Wojtczyk: Rover ? A LEGO Self-Driving Car

  • Till Adam: Declarative State Machine Framework (DSM)  

What Do You Think? 
We need your feedback on what types of Qt events you would like to see in the future! Whether you would like a shorter event (1-2 days), more advanced hands-on workshops or anything we haven?t thought of for consideration, we welcome your feedback! Please take a moment and send your ideas to
We hope to see you all next year!


The Business of UX 2014
Leading Products Lead with UX

This year, ICS had our first Business of UX 2014 event for product and engineering management. This one-day event following DevDays, explored the business impact of user experience (UX) on product development when applied up front before development begins and why it matters.
The audience gained insight on building a winning UX strategy from Jared Spool, a seasoned UX expert. We also heard from other UX and product management professionals who discussed various topics including the language of design, the why of UX ? how design-centric companies outperform the market and when and how to build out a solid UX team.

The day was packed full of real-world examples of product development projects that succeeded using UX first. We look forward to launching The Business of UX webinar series next year ? so stay tuned! Thank you to all who attended and to our speakers and panelists who made this an amazing event!  

Qt Meetup for the Holidays ? Dec. 10

If you are in the Boston area, join us on Dec. 10 for some Qt holiday cheer and a recap of what we learned at Qt Developer Days. Plus, there will be plenty of time for demos, questions, networking and fun! Register here

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