October 2015 Newsletter

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Before starting any software development project, there are some things you should do before you code. Join us as we share our knowledge about things to think about before you start programming. Live Webinar >>


Recap: Qt World Summit
ICS was excited to participate this year in Berlin at the Qt World Summit 2015! If you did not have a chance to attend, read on as we share our observations about the event and the many contributions from around the globe! More



ICS's Qt-based HMI Solution Now Supported on GENIVI GDP
As part of our innovative HMI automotive solution, ICS is excited to announce our support of the GENIVI® Demo Platform (GDP). More


verticle line Welcome to the October edition of the ICS Newsletter. This month, The Qt Company hosted the Qt World Summit 2015 in Berlin. We were happy to see such a great turnout and the contributions of many people to our ecosystem. Several of our engineers shared their experiences with IVI systems and IoT. We also had a session on the top 10 things to know before you code. The session was so popular, we will have an in-depth webinar on November 12th on this topic so be sure to join us! In this issue, we continue with training across North America and present various articles and on-demand webinars offering something for everyone – enjoy!


Mark Hatch
Chief Operating Officer
ICS, Inc.

Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices Training – Chicago, IL
This fall, our engineers will be in Chicago to deliver a 5-day course that will focus on developing modern applications for embedded systems and touchscreens using Qt and Qt Quick. The class utilizes real development boards with touchscreens for each participant and introduces students to working with embedded touchscreen systems. More

Size (and Angle) Matters
Here at ICS, we are building interactive kiosks for retailers. Among the many things we’ve learned in building retail kiosks is the expectation for user interaction changes as the size of the display gets larger. There’s a display size where an interactive kiosk moves from being a single user device to a multi-user device. More

UX Blog: Is the Design Process Like a Wave or a Particle?
It is necessary for a designer to be both a dreamer and a process fanatic in order to imagine great ideas and carry them through to completion. A fundamental fallacy is that the design process is one-dimensional, involving essentially one kind of thought process. More

An Introduction to Qt3D
Take a brief look at one of the newest Qt modules, Qt3D. This new Qt module provides support for 2D and 3D rendering and was introduced in Qt 5.5.0. More

Qt Helps ICS Design, Implement and Test a Solution for Intel
When Intel needed to show the effectiveness of its IVI platform and architecture, ICS completed an effective demonstrator of its human-machine interface (HMI) capabilities in the space of just nine weeks with the help of Qt. More


The Qt and UX Webinars You Want — Whenever You Want
Get instant access to the software development knowledge you want now. Access our on-demand webinars for the most intelligent and informative topics you need to build great products. More


ICS Insight Blog

The rise of the creative engineer and the linear designer. Connecting software developers and UX designers with ideas, inspiration and insight to build the best products the world has to offer. More


Upcoming Events

  event   ARM TechCon 2015 – Santa Clara, CA
Meet us at ARM TechCon 2015, a comprehensive forum to connect hardware engineers and software developers. This event offers learning and greater collaboration between technical groups to develop and optimize the future of ARM-based embedded products. Live Event
  event   Effective QML Training – Bedford, MA
Learn to create QML that is more declarative, maintainable and testable. Attendees will also learn about optimizing for startup and runtime performance as well as memory consumption for QML. Live Training
  event   Programming with Qt for Desktops – Silicon Valley, CA
This course focuses on using Qt Widgets and the associated development tools (Qt Designer, Qt Creator and friends). Students will experience the challenges of cross platform development with exercises that involve porting applications from Windows to MacOS (or vice versa). Live Training
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