Qt World Summit 2020


ICS is a gold sponsor and training partner at the upcoming Qt World Summit in Palm Springs, CA, where they'll be three days of training sessions, tech talks, business talks, real-world use cases, and insightful keynotes. Learn how to improve your developer experience to enhance your user experience, which will lead to supreme customer experience. Qt World Summit 2020

Palm Springs Convention Center
October 20 − Training Day
October 21 & 22 − Conference Days

Check out one of our ICS-led full-day training sessions:

  • Hands-on Qt on RaspberryPi
  • QML Programming — Fundamentals and Beyond
  • User Experience Design for Embedded Devices

We also have three talks on the regular conference agenda:

  • Setting Yourself up for Success — How to Ensure a Winning Qt Project by Peter Winston 
  • Layered Architecture Accelerates Development While Driving Reliability by Roland Krause
  • How Separating UI from Business Logic Eases Development of Your Next Qt Project by Ryan Hampton 

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