Real-time Embedded Medical Devices

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Custom hardware and real-time operating systems (RTOS) are the core of the medical device industry and ICS has been working with both for years. Working on such platforms as QNX and VxWorks, our engineers have developed custom Qt-based solutions on a wide range of products. From patient monitoring to medical imaging to infusion pumps, ICS has the experience to help our clients develop the systems they want, on time and on budget.

It Starts With Design

Our user experience (UX) designers understand how to apply human factors and industry best practices to design embedded systems that reduce or prevent "human error" which is still considered a large problem in the medical industry. Good UX design can prevent errors before they happen, leading to improved patient outcomes. On top of that we apply sleek, modern visual design to produce screens that meet or exceed all expectations for the technology of today or tomorrow.

High Performance Engineering

ICS software engineers have been developing atop RTOS packages from QNX and Wind River for years. Having ported Qt to QNX years ago, we know the deep details of creating a Qt or QML application on an RTOS that can handle the high levels of performance and stability required for medical devices. Our familiarity with Agile processes and test-driven development (TDD) keeps us focused on quality code and reliably meeting deadlines.

Custom Client Engagements

Learn about how ICS provides high quality, stable and cost-effective medical systems for diverse markets.