Architecture Review

Custom software development projects are risky, especially when you're creating something brand new — a new device, a new application. That's the reason you're taking time to make sure you have the right architecture to implement your device in the most efficient manner with Qt, right? Still, there's more you can do to ensure the success of your project.

You can significantly reduce project risk with an formal architecture review to evaluate software architecture.

The experts at ICS will review your architecture, as well as help you create fast, stable, easy-to-read code. To ensure your engineers can effectively maintain the level of quality, we'll show you exactly how to improve your code.

You'll have a much stronger architecture that will repay the investment in your review many times over. How? You application will likely be delivered earlier, and be robust enough to last through multiple generations.

Among the questions we address in your review are:

  • Is your selected hardware appropriate?
  • Is the chosen operating system optimal for your planned application?
  • Is re-use of your existing software stack advised?
  • What are the performance considerations and level of risk?
  • What are the strength/weakness of your current architecture? Well look at:
    • Communication layer
    • Visualization layer
    • Presentation layer
    • Business logic

Architecture Review

With limited impact on your development timeline, an architecture review will help you substantially shrink your risk. So, before you write a single line of code schedule your review with ICS.