Scrum Master Services

As the product owner, you're charged with building something that delights users, satisfies customers and achieves business goals. That's why you use agile development methodology, which has a great track record for ensuring the software solves the problems of its user.

To successfully implement agile methodology, you need a capable, tenacious and certified ScrumMaster who will ensure process success. ICS' ScrumMasters have extensive, real-world experience helping companies like yours build compelling new products.

Our experts will collaborate with your stakeholders, including product owner, development team, senior management, human resources and any business groups impacted by Scrum, to ensure a smooth process. We'll expertly coach your team on the most effective processes, and help your organization adopt agile best practices.


Your ICS ScrumMaster will also:

  • Help your development team create high-value products
  • Ensure all team members understand goals, scope, product domain and product planning
  • Offer best practices for managing product backlog and help your Scrum team understand the need for clear and concise backlog items
  • Coach your team about organizational environments where Scrum is not fully adopted or well-understood
  • Work to remove obstacles impeding your development team’s progress
  • Facilitate Scrum events as needed

Look to ICS to help you maximize the many important benefits of the Scrum process.