Medical Software Development: Great Products Start Here

Together, we can help save your group precious development time, increase software quality and shorten your time to market ultimately helping you design, develop and deliver a better product.

ICS has experienced Qt software development teams led by seasoned engineers and project managers who can help jumpstart a project that has specific challenges or solve any issues that arise during development.

We have experience developing software across multiple platforms, ranging from desktop (Windows, OSX, Linux) to embedded and real-time systems (QNX, VXWorks) to mobile (Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry).


Qt and Qt Quick Markup Language (QML) form a C++ development framework that is used regularly in medical device development. ICS has extensive experience with Qt/QML and is the largest and most experienced Qt/QML solution provider in North America.

Linux and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Using Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) from such companies as QNX, Mentor Graphics, Green Hills and Wind River in conjunction with Qt/QML’s C++ based reliability and robustness, ICS has delivered client projects in diverse industries, including medical technology, where the demands for reliability, compliance and performance are even more rigorous than other industries.

Mobile OS Integration and Unification (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Demand for medical tablet / mobile control systems integration alongside of embedded development has increased. Our UX design teams and software engineers have experience in development and portability. We have ported applications among all the major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even on emerging platforms such as Tizen, Ubuntu Phone and Jolla.

Custom Client Engagements

Learn about how ICS provides high quality, stable and cost-effective medical systems for diverse markets.