Designing and Developing Usable Medical Devices Using OSS

Live Webinar
January 31, 1 pm EST

ICS & Boston UX join Mentor Graphics for this webinar addressing the best practices for user experience (UX) design and application development for Medical devices running Linux.  Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the key issues and challenges encountered when developing software on these complex systems and how to realize the full potential of the device.

With these guidelines, developers and system architects are able to lay a solid foundation to design intuitive, robust, and secure medical devices that could, if needed, be certified.

What You Will Learn
  • The role of poor design in medical errors and device recalls
  • Applicable international standards and FDA regulations
  • Guidance for selecting an appropriate Linux OS
  • Software UX design practices for medical devices
Who Should Attend
  • Design Engineer / System Architect
  • Engineering Manager
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Executive / CTO

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