QicsTable Documentation Set


Note: You may need to be logged in as root, depending on the permissions of the directories where you choose to install QicsTable.

This product is built with, and depends on, Qt version 4.0 and newer. You must have Qt installed on the machine that you are using to build this product.

In the following instructions, <QICSTABLE> refers to the toplevel directory of the QicsTable distribution. For example, if you unpacked the Linux/Unix archive in /opt, <QICSTABLE> would refer to /opt/qicstable-x.x.x-unix-commercial-source

If you wish to change any of these options, edit the configuration file <QICSTABLE>/qicstable_config.pri. Each option is documented in the configuration file.

. If you have built Qt yourself from the source distribtion, use the location of that build.

This will build the QicsTable library and all the examples.

C:> set Path=<QICSTABLE>;%Path%

As before, replace <QICSTABLE> with the full path to the directory in which you unpacked the archive.

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