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QicsPrintPreviewWidget.h File Reference

#include <QFrame>
#include <QPrinter>
#include <QScrollArea>
#include <QicsNamespace.h>

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struct  PageLayoutData
class  QicsPrintPreviewWidget
 The base class for WYSIWYG printing. More...


#define COPIES_PRINTER   0


enum  PrintCopyOrder { CO_EVERYPAGE, CO_PAGESET }
enum  PrintPageSet {
enum  PrintPageSequence { PR_ALL, PR_EVEN, PR_ODD }
enum  PageLayoutDirection { LD_HORIZONTAL, LD_VERTICAL }
enum  PageLayoutOrdering { LO_HORIZONTAL, LO_VERTICAL }
enum  PageLayoutScaling { LS_FIXED, LS_FIT }
enum  PageLayoutCounting { LC_FIXED, LC_FIT }
enum  ControlMode { CM_SELECT, CM_PAN }
enum  PageCountMode { PCM_STATIC, PCM_DYNAMIC }

Detailed Description

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ControlMode

Defines user control mode. See QicsPrintPreviewWidget::setControlMode() method for reference.

enum PageCountMode

Defines page counting mode. See QicsPrintPreviewWidget::setPageCountMode() method and Counting the pages topic for reference.

enum PageLayoutCounting

Counting policy. See PageLayoutData for reference.

enum PageLayoutDirection

The direction in which pages will be layed out. See PageLayoutData for reference.

enum PageLayoutOrdering

The direction of pages numeration. See PageLayoutData for reference.

enum PageLayoutScaling

Scaling policy. See PageLayoutData for reference.

enum PrintCopyOrder

Defines the order in which copies should be printed. See QicsPrintPreviewWidget::setPrintCopyOrder() method for reference.

enum PrintPageOrder

Defines the order in which pages should be printed. See QicsPrintPreviewWidget::setPrintPageOrder() method for reference.

enum PrintPageSequence

Defines the sequence of the pages in the subset to be printed. See QicsPrintPreviewWidget::setPrintPageSequence() method for reference.

enum PrintPageSet

Defines the subset of the pages to be printed. See QicsPrintPreviewWidget::setPrintPageSet() method for reference.

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