ICS Qt White Papers

ICS Qt White Papers

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1. Qt Now Available Under LGPL — Implications for Commercial and Government Users

On the 14th of January, 2009, Qt Software announced that they added the Lesser GNU Public License v2.1 (LGPL) as an additional licensing option for users of its Qt® cross- platform development framework for C++. This means that you can now develop Qt applications under any of three licenses: Qt Commercial, GNU Public License (GPL), and LGPL. The addition of this license option has exciting implications for commercial and government users of Qt.

2. Qt 4's Model/View Delegates

This whitepaper introduces Qt 4's model/view/delegate architecture, with a brief look at models and views. The main focus is on Qt 4's delegates - these are classes that provide complete control over the presentation and editing of data items. The paper presents a generic delegate with datatype-specific column delegates that can be used to achieve the benefits of custom delegates while avoiding the code duplication that commonly occurs when implementing them. This zip file includes a PDF of the whitepaper and source code examples.

3. Advanced Qt Designer Plug-ins

This whitepaper examines how to integrate widgets and actions with Qt Designer. We'll show you how to design, implement and then expose your custom widgtes to Designer through Plug-ins. This zip file includes a PDF of the whitepaper and source code examples.

4. Turbocharging Qt Applications

Sometimes, even a slight improvement in code can be a big improvement in performance. Learn about the best practices in Qt programming that will make your application faster and more efficient.

5. Testing Qt Applications

This whitepaper explains ways of testing graphical user interfaces written with the Qt C++ toolkit. After presenting a list of requirements for a testing tool, we look at KD Executor from Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. to see how it fits the requirements.