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The ICS User Experience Design Team is committed to helping clients achieve their digital product goals using Qt and other modern platforms. We focus on illuminating creative solutions and building elegant experiences through effective collaboration from concept to development. Have a project in mind? Contact us.



The ICS UXD Team approaches client engagements with a design philosophy that combines the practical and the visionary. We design amazing experiences for our clients that can still be implemented on time and within budget. Click below to read more about our philosophy.


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In-Vehicle Infotainment System (IVI)

A fully functioning IVI system for Intel featuring rear-seat entertainment, navigation, radio/satellite, location-based services, internal connectivity to mobile devices and many other features.

Minerva iTVFusion app for Windows

An app designed to access Minerva Networks’ IPTV video service anywhere you want.

Electronic Medical Records

A unique design for entering patient injury data that focused on speed of data entry and ease of use.

The North Face Snow Report Mobile App

A Windows Phone app that gives skiers everything they need for their next trip to the mountains- snow conditions, weather forecasts, full trail maps, day-tracking, access to social media, and more.

Merck EMD Millipore Tradeshow Presentation

A visually engaging presentation, based on the ICS ViewPoint software, used at tradeshows for showcasing various products and departments.

In-Flight Wildfire Monitoring System

An intelligent in-flight wildfire monitoring system used to prevent and mitigate wildfire disturbances


The ICS User Experience Design Team is a cross-functional mix of designers and engineering professionals. With backgrounds in fields such as human factors, software engineering, visual design and industrial design, the team brings a wide variety of experiences and perspective to any client engagement. Several members have advanced degrees in Human Factors or related areas. The team is largely located in the ICS office in Bedford, MA, in a shared space to encourage collaboration.

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The Making of an Automotive IVI Media Manager

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Automotive Megatrends ICS IVI In The News

COO Mark Hatch talks about ICS's role in IVI UX development.


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