Mevion Medical Systems

Bringing Lifesaving Cancer Treatments to Hospitals

Mevion Medical Systems provides radiation therapy systems used to treat cancer. The company’s flagship product, the MEVION S250™ Proton Therapy System, makes proton therapy available to more patients by lowering the cost of the treatment dramatically. Nearly every piece of the new system requires software development, and those systems need to work together. Mevion brought ICS in to assist in completing the software development and testing to ensure a timely filing for FDA clearance.

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Reducing Costs and Improving Customer Satisfaction with Innovative Mobile Technology

ICS Europe developed the desktop application for the MobiKOM Mobile Operator Board (MMOB), a mobile wireless communications tool giving over 10,000 businesses freedom, flexibility and cost savings benefits. MMOB is unique in that it communicates between PC/Server and mobile phones via an advanced Wi-Fi system. Developed using Qt/QML originally for Windows, the application was expanded to MAC OSX, all while reducing development time and costs.

Ivenix Infusion Management System

Increasing Infusion Pump Product Safety and Innovation

ICS provides its deep test-driven software development experience and UI design capabilities to help deliver a safer, fully integrated, intelligent infusion pump management system for Ivenix, a leading innovative medical device company. This transformative infusion management system combines simplicity, state-of-the-art engineering, UX design and information technology within an adaptive, fluid delivery platform.

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Studio Access Audio Editor

Compelling Desktop Music Editor

The Studio Access Audio Editor emerged in collaboration with our UX designers and engineers who have an extensive background in music, resulting in an engaging, compelling, and powerful desktop interface used for audio recording and editing.

Stock Quote Monitor

Mobile Portfolio Management Tool

Managing a stock portfolio and keeping up with current news and trends has never been easier with this conceptual design for a mobile Stock Quote Monitoring System. ICS UX designers created this interface for traders and investors to track their investments over time. It also displays breaking news that can influence stock prices and be alerted to real-time changes - all on an engaging touchscreen interface designed for ease-of-use and efficient decision making.


Mobile Text Translator

Designed by ICS's UX team with an intuitive Windows 8 mobile touchscreen, the iSpeak Translator is an easy-to-use multi-lingual translator with a high quality of text-to-speech that will speak in the target's native language. The intuitive touchscreen control makes sure nothing ever gets lost in translation.

Lueken’s Village Foods

Tablet Shopping App

The owners of Lueken's Village Foods, a family-owned business in the Midwest, wanted to provide their customers with a modern shopping experience. The ICS UX team delivered an easy and intuitive smartphone interface, allowing customers the convenience of shopping on the go. The application displays up-to-date information about the store. It displays specials, provides coupons and the ability to create an electronic shopping list, pay for groceries, pick up the order by car and still be home in time to cook dinner for the family.

Minerva Networks

On-Demand Mobile Interface

The ICS UX team designed the Minerva iTVFusion app for Windows 8 - the perfect way to view content on demand. At home or on the go, Minerva's beautifully designed interface puts all your favorite entertainment channels right in the palm of your hand.

Home Security

Intelligent Home Automation

ICS visual designers created this striking touchscreen control to illustrate the future of building security for the 21st century. Inspired by mainstream culture, the interface provides a modern and engaging experience, while still focusing on providing critical data when needed. ICS builds touchscreen home security and climate control systems for in-home management or remote control via the internet.

TREK Console Command Center

Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring and Control

American 4x4 trucks are built for off-road vehicle trekking. For drivers, knowing the status of your vehicle's condition at all times is important for off-road safety. ICS designed a conceptual in-vehicle embedded console to monitor and display your vehicle's performance. This allows for off-road enjoyment, while providing driver feedback to adjust the controls in real-time when needed most.


Mobile Dashboard Gives Access to Campus Web Portal

Drexel University wanted to provide a compelling mobile dashboard to its existing campus web portal, DrexelOne. ICS UX designers originated an intuitive interface to this portal app providing students, faculty, and staff with useful mobile functions. Highly rated by users, this app displays campus maps, bus schedules, access to grades, key campus information, announcements, news and events creating an effective and efficient user experience.


Multi-platform Mobile Applications

ICS designed and developed TOPICS List Manager for Android, Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, and Symbian. TOPICS helps you organize your life with easy-to-use features such as quick creation of new items and tasks, multiple topic creation, prioritization and due date, and email forwarding. Plus, TOPICS' export and import functions seamlessly allow sharing of lists and tasks between different platforms so you can access your lists anywhere.

Precor Fitness Equipment

Graphics Acceleration for High Performance Consumer Devices

Working with ICS to develop a Qt-enabled, high-end interactive touch screen console for its next-generation Experience Series cardio equipment, Precor is giving users and health club owners unprecedented flexibility and control over both the equipment itself and its integrated entertainment options - including HDTV. Precor's premium fitness equipment continues to set the standard for state-of-the-art fitness innovation.
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QNX Medical Devices

When UX Can Mean Life or Death

ICS ported Qt/Qt Quick to the QNX operating system and wrote a medical application that runs on a Freescale i.mx51 (800mhz) processor. The user interface was written completely in Qt Quick (QML) and illustrates how quickly applications can be developed using this technology.


Rich and Modern User Experiences

X-Rite partnered with ICS to develop a uniquely creative and artistic user interface that matched their customers' expectations for quality calibration tools targeted at the design and and photographic markets. X-Rite, which includes design industry-leader Pantone, is a world leader in color management and communication technology used in any profession where color is mission-critical.

NFC Tag Writer

Software for Next Generation Devices

ICS's NFC Tag Writer allows you to write information onto any Near Field Communications (NFC) tag which can then be read by any NFC-enabled device. Next generation devices will support NFC which will change not only the way we pay at stores and restaurants, but also the way we interact with printers, headsets, automobiles, and thousands of other ways that are yet to be invented.

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