Qt Automotive Software Solutions - Infotainment Systems (IVI)

Qt Automotive Software Solutions - Infotainment Systems (IVI)

Qt Automotive Software Solutions

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems (IVI)

Demand for connected devices in automobiles is accelerating as mobile ecosystems are maturing. The ability for automakers to differentiate in an increasingly competitive environment depends on their ability to integrate a smart in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) strategy and deliver a fully connected lifestyle to consumers. The manufacturers who succeed at providing an open, scalable and easily configurable automotive IVI will be the future market leaders.

Consumers expect the same user experience (UX) in their automobiles as on other personal devices that blend beauty and simplicity with practical use and technology. These increased expectations for design and performance also add complexities in interoperability and safety for the automaker.

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) fuses our extensive automotive domain knowledge and engineering expertise with state-of-the-art UX design and graphics capabilities to develop custom, integrated automotive infotainment systems consumers have come to expect. ICS reduces complexity, costs, redundancies and development time while solving tough engineering challenges up front, increasing the commercial potential of your product.

Our go-to tool of choice is Qt/QML for automotive IVI work. Using Qt/QML, we create solutions that can move quickly from concept to production with a minimum of re-engineering. Qt/QML has proven itself repeatedly as a robust development environment producing powerful, stable software applications that work right the first time. Nevertheless, our domain expertise extends to a wide range of technologies. We can apply our UX design proficiency and engineering prowess to the automotive IVI technology environment of your choice, providing a highly engineered infotainment system that is simple in its beauty and complex in its abilities.

Leveraging our vast experience in building infotainment systems, ICS has released a Media Manager which provides a well architected middleware solution that serves as the foundation for a full IVI system and can serve as a component of the GENIVI reference implementation. OEMs and Tier 1 providers are invited to evaluate the code for incorporation into custom IVI solutions. The Media Manager is described in more detail in this series of blogs and the code is available for download from ICS's GitHub repository.

View our automotive software solutions datasheet (PDF)

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