Corinthian Leather

Corinthian Leather

By ICS Development Team

This week we switched to the new repository. Some pull requests from the old repository had to be resubmitted. Changes were committed for :

  • Patches to get code to compile with Qt 5 (still backwards compatible with Qt 4)
  • Adding Compass sensor suport
  • Renaming references to Callback or PhoneGap to Cordova
  • Changes to use QML WebView in the Qt 5 version

Pull requests are in review for Accelerometer support and Alerts. We're also moving to using a QML WebView for the Qt 4 version as there are some limitations with the C++ QWebView widget (at least on MeeGo Harmattan) that this will overcome. If anyone can test the code on Symbian we would appreciate it as we haven't had a chance to test it on that platform yet.

I have commit access to the repository now and merged some of the pull requests this week.

We did some testing with Qt 4 on Nokia N9 and N950 phones and are looking into some deployment issues there. It is working, but not "out of the box". We hope to test with Qt 5 on the phones soon but don't yet have Qt 5 installed.

We're hearing there will be an upstream repo at but it is not there yet.

I'm looking forward to seeing the first Qt 5 preview/alpha release but haven't heard any more news about it's progress this week.

Speaking of the name Cordova, it is the English spellng of Córdoba, a city in Spain. To North Americans the name is usually associated with the Chrysler Cordoba, a popular automobile known for it's television commercials featuring Ricardo Montalban extoling the virtues of its "Soft Corinthian Leather".