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Intro to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt, 2nd Edition

Written by Alan Ezust and Paul Ezust
Foreward by Lars Knoll

C++ is taught "the Qt Way". The source documents for our book are in a format that can be used to generate a textbook or instructor's slides. The book includes enough homework assignments and lectures for a 6 credit (full year) course. Its prerequisites is some solid experience in another programming language, such as Python, C, Java, Delphi, or Visual Basic.


bag of tricks part 1

The Qt Developer's Bag of Tricks Part 1

Looking for indispensable tools for development, testing and debugging? We’ve got you covered. In this two-volume eBook, Qt Developer’s Bag of Tricks, we share the tools the development team here at Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) finds incredibly useful. The focus is on (mostly open source) tools applicable to Qt developers programming in C++ or QML for desktop, mobile and embedded platforms

Accelerating Product Innovation with the Right Development Team

With the rise of the IoT, expanding practical applications for artificial intelligence, and similar disruptions, it’s clear that technological innovation is accelerating. But with innovation comes risk. Minimizing risk in software product development takes insight and best practices gleaned from years on the front lines.

In this ebook, ICS Founder and CEO Peter Winston details critical issues you should consider and lays out steps to take to get you across the product development finish line.


Intel® ISA-L Whitepapers

The Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (​​Intel® ISA-L) is an algorithmic library that enables Storage OEMs to obtain better performance from Intel CPUs and reduce developer investment in developing their own optimizations. Intel ISA-L provides tools to maximize storage throughput, security, and resilience, as well as minimize disk space usage. ICS has contributed code development and technical research for several ISA-L whitepapers — learn about the library's set of highly optimized functions for RAID, Erasure Code, CRC, cryptographic hash, encryption, and compression.

ICS & Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Proof of Concept

This whitepaper explores the technology and methodologies used to develop a sophisticated IVI proof-of-concept for Intel. ICS achieved this using Intel’s high-performance hardware and middleware platform, tight integration between Intel and ICS engineers and our internal UX design team within an agile environment. Read how developing a powerful graphical user interface using this stack can provide future forward products for today and tomorrow.

Internet of Things: Using MRAA to Abstract Platform I/O Capabilities

This white paper explains the general usage of the MRAA APIs that can greatly simplify working with various types of devices, such as:

  • Analog input
  • Digital input and output
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Inter-Integrated 2-wire bus (I2C) devices
  • Devices that use Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART) hardware

Quick Reference Guides

QML Quick Reference

Here is the recently updated QML cheat sheet for the latest Qt 5.9 release. Printable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions in US Letter and A4 paper sizes can be downloaded here. The reference does not cover all the QML modules, as the goal was to fit it all on one double-sided page. It does cover the most common QML modules, the basic QML syntax and types, command line options for the QML-related tools and QML environment variables.

Qt OpenGL FrameBuffer Quick Reference

Here is the Qt OpenGL FrameBuffer Quick Reference. Printable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions in US Letter sizes can be downloaded here after completing the form.

Qt OpenGL Buffer Quick Reference

Here is the Qt OpenGL Buffer Quick Reference. Printable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions in US Letter sizes can be downloaded here after completing the form.

Source Code


Open Source Media Manager IVI Software Code

Here is the recently updated Open Source Media Manager IVI Software Code. Read the press release here.


Qt-based Clients for Google APIs

Here is the page with the Open Source Qt-based Clients for Google APIs Software Code.