Our Process

We Minimize Risk and Speed Development

Product development can be risky. Even more so for organizations like yours with complex use cases. You can minimize development risk by teaming with a partner that offers a well-established, research-driven product development process. A partner like ICS. 

We’ve created or enhanced hundreds of market-leading devices and applications over the past three decades. Our success is built solidly on industry best practices, our unique suite of tools, such as Greenhouse, and of course our documented and real-world tested product development process, which prioritizes both quality and speed. So whether your goal is to bring to life a brand new device or refresh a legacy product, ICS can get you there.

Our Proven Process Delivers Success

User research and team collaboration ensure we understand your goals and your customers' needs, providing a solid foundation for your project.

We use Figma and other industry-leading design tools to create a powerful user experience unique to your device.

Start with a team of generalists and specialists to solve tricky problems early, and offload premium resources once development is running smoothly.

We expedite development by importing the UX directly into Greenhouse, seamlessly generating the UI and continuously testing to ensure your project is on track.

We’ve pre-built an inventory of components common to most devices so projects never start from scratch.

Showcase the elements your customers most want, such as high-res video, Bluetooth connectivity and device cybersecurity.

Our rapid-development process means we'll deliver your transformative device in less time than traditional approaches.