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Need Qt Consulting? Work with the Experts

Whether you're exploring Qt for a project in its nascent design phase or have an existing project that requires Qt consulting expertise to accelerate development, ICS is the company to turn to. Our deep knowledge of Qt-powered embedded and application programming and our vast Qt consulting experience are unparalleled.

What is Qt?

Qt is the cross-platform application framework that gives Qt developers the ability to build better native applications on mobile, embedded and desktop devices more efficiently and design powerful user interfaces that will engage users. Qt is used across multiple industries including, industrial automation systems, enterprise applications, medical, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, entertainment, in-vehicle infotainment, TV and set-top boxes, mobile and consumer devices.

Qt’s intuitive C++ libraries, IDE and Qt Quick technologies enable developers to build fluid and high performance apps for multiple target devices simply by reusing code. Qt includes:

  • A Modular Qt C++ Class Library: a rich set of application building blocks providing all the functionality needed to build advanced cross-platform applications
  • Qt Quick: a modern user interface (UI) technology that separates the declarative UI design from the underlying programming logic
  • Qt Creator Cross-Platform IDE: a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) tailored to the needs of Qt developers

Got Qt or are you looking for a Qt developer?

As the largest independent source of Qt expertise in North America, with a growing presence in Europe, ICS supports Qt developers with a wide spectrum of custom Qt services. Our team of Qt software engineers is continuously developing new solutions to the toughest and most complex issues faced by product-driven companies worldwide and can bring relevant solutions to your next Qt project:

  • Qt Consulting: Comprehensive Qt consulting engagements for any size project.
  • Qt Training: Series of Qt training workshops for your new or existing development team.
  • Qt Coaching: Individualized one to one or many mentoring and training for members of your team.
  • Qt Software Engineers: On-site ICS Qt software engineers to augment your software development team.

Together, we can help save your group precious development time, increase efficiency and shorten your time to market — ultimately helping you build a better product with Qt.

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Qt Solutions

Qt Solutions

Discover how we help design, develop and deliver world-class desktop, embedded and mobile applications using Qt.

Qt Quick and QML

Collaborate and create with Qt Quick. Bringing designers and developers together.

Qt-based Google APIs

Easily integrate the functionality your users want with these Qt and QML clients for popular Google APIs.

Intro to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt

Intro to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt, 2nd Edition

Written by Alan Ezust and Paul Ezust
Foreward by Lars Knoll

C++ is taught "the Qt Way". The source documents for our book are in a format that can be used to generate a textbook or instructor's slides. The book includes enough homework assignments and lectures for a 6 credit (full year) course. Its prerequisites is some solid experience in another programming language, such as Python, C, Java, Delphi, or Visual Basic.