Industrial Controls & IoT

Intelligent tech to enhance competitiveness

Applying IoT technologies to manufacturing is reshaping the way businesses operate

Smart systems drive growth and fuel innovation

Investment in the industrial IoT is projected to top $60 trillion by 2032.


We've developed high-impact aerospace robotics, aviation communication and navigation systems, computer simulators, and infotainment systems.


By solving the toughest engineering challenges up front, we reduce complexity, eliminate redundancies, compress development timelines and shrink costs. 


We’ve developed smarter warehouse management systems, safer forklifts, and sophisticated video surveillance systems.


Our clean interface designs mean your device or application is appealing, and easy to use.

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  • We help you more accurately and consistently capture and communicate vital information. Use it to quickly identify supply chain, quality control and other business-critical issues.
  • We can pipeline development with user experience design to speed you to the finish line cost effectively.

Industrial Controls

ICS will speed you to market with a masterfully designed industrial device or application

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