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Reshaping Manufacturing with IoT Technologies

The size of the global Industrial Internet of Things market is projected to top $60 trillion by 2032 with smart systems like those developed by ICS driving growth. From warehouse robotics and intelligent facility management systems to sophisticated computer simulation systems, we’re creating the next-gen products fueling industry innovation.

We excel by solving the toughest engineering challenges up front, which allows us to reduce complexity, eliminate redundancies, compress development timelines and shrink costs. And our user-centered UX design approach means the devices and applications we create are appealing and easy to use.

lenel2 Security Surveillance

LenelS2 Digital Security Surveillance

We helped develop a sophisticated digital security solution more capable than anything on the market.

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Emerson Network Cooling

Emerson Network Power Cooling System

We teamed with Emerson to develop an intuitive system to manage the cooling infrastructure for critical data centers.

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Spraying Solution

Industrial Spraying Solution

We modernized an aerial mosquito-control solution using faster hardware, high-res touchscreens and better UX.

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"ICS' past experience in real-time video was very helpful in this project. Because they understood and resolved the video and cross-platform issues so effectively, we were able to take that functionality for granted and instead focus on value-added features to create a new product that is truly revolutionary in the industry."

John L. Moss, Chief Product Officer, LenelS2 UTC

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RTOS kernel for embedded targeted at microcontrollers


Easy-to-Use Induction Heater

Learn how we quickly created an intuitive induction heater UI

By partnering with ICS, you’ll benefit from accelerated time to market, decreased development inefficiencies, diminished development risk, and cost savings from enhanced usability.

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