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We understand the high-stakes environment in which you operate. Merging this insight and our innovative development techniques, we help you maintain your edge. We've developed intelligent aerospace robotics, aviation communication and navigation systems, computer simulators, and infotainment systems — along with powerful military software to enable integrated battlefield engagements. We’re acutely focused on precision and performance because we know the success of your devices and applications can mean the difference between life and death.

Boeing Military

Boeing Military Modernization

ICS developed an interface for the Army Brigade Combat Team modernization effort, which links soldiers to weapons, sensors and information systems.

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Cherokee Helicopter

Cherokee Nation Red Wing

ICS helped modernize a military application that collects environmental data used to ensure key machinery is ready when soldiers need it.

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Air Taxi

Autonomous Electric Air Taxi

ICS developed ground-control software for an innovative electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft prepping for its inaugural flight.

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“The Warfighter’s Machine Interface is the most visible part of the Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization Effort. It’s the first thing soldiers see and the first thing they need to understand. It all needs to be clear and highly reliable. Widgets are the primary interface for the soldier with unmanned air and ground vehicles, and other weapon systems. We realized that some of these widgets, or primitives as we call them, were going to be heavy duty. And so we asked ICS for help.”

Richard Fuller, WMI Program Manager for Element Services, Boeing

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This design pattern lets you separate UI from business logic, especially when data is dynamic.


Abstraction Layer and Interdependencies

Provide an abstraction layer to replace external dependencies with mock implementation.

By partnering with ICS, you’ll benefit from accelerated time to market, decreased development inefficiencies, diminished development risk, and cost savings from enhanced usability.

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