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Today’s world is an interconnected web of devices, platforms and above all, people. We put the user at the center and in command of this complex network by creating inspired, thoughtful user interfaces and UX/UI design for transformational products incorporating voice, touch, gesture and facial recognition.

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An engaging user experience is the essence of every successful product so we make sure your UX is seamless, comfortable and memorable. We do this by combining visionary design thinking and a human-centered design philosophy with broad technology expertise and proven ability to translate strategic goals across product roadmaps. Count on our design studio Boston UX for empathetic, well-researched design that truly addresses your users' core needs. Our UX designers understand the capabilities of modern platforms and work closely with our software development team to ensure our designs can be implemented within your budget.

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“Your designers impressed us beyond expectations with their ability to create a solution that is both intuitive and scalable."

Margie Caughey, Vice President Product Management, Casenet

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Boston UX Recognized for Design Excellence

ICS’ design studio, Boston UX, nominated for prestigious UX design award.


Qt Design Studio Accelerates Development Workflow

Better communication between designers and developers eases the process.


Designing Better Medical Devices

We offer valuable tips on usability, safety and compliance to help you build a quality medtech product.

By partnering with ICS, you’ll benefit from accelerated time to market, decreased development inefficiencies, diminished development risk, and cost savings from enhanced usability.

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