Mission-Critical and
Regulated Markets

Smart Products for the Digital Age

Accelerate the transformation of your industry with connected products featuring flawless touch, voice and gesture interfaces. From future-looking start-ups to Fortune 1000 enterprises, our customers rely on us for products built on innovation and a fresh perspective. Whether you’re developing a lifesaving medical device, electric vehicle or air traffic control system — or any other sophisticated product that demands positive human-computer interactions — we can help you break new ground.

Medical Markets Card

Medical and Life Sciences

Our intuitive medical device interfaces can help decrease user error and improve patient outcomes.

Transportation Market Card

Transportation and IVI

We’re helping revolutionize modern transportation by visualizing autonomous pilot systems and designing in-vehicle information systems that enhance the driving experience.

Industrial Market Card

Industrial Controls and IoT

Smart industrial controls are reshaping the face of modern manufacturing, and we’re right there on the leading edge.

Consumer Market Card

Consumer and Commercial

We bring powerful touch and voice interfaces to consumer devices people rely on every day.

Aerospace and Defense Market Card

Aerospace and Defense

We’ve been solving complex problems for the aerospace and defense industries for more than 30 years.

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