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ICS Qt training keeps you on the leading edge of technology. We have put together an unparalleled set of lab-oriented courses which present the subject matter in an understandable yet intense manner. We are recognized for both the excellence of our instructors and the caliber of our students. To date we have provided training services to over half of the Fortune 500, including dozens of companies whose technology defines their core business.

Live Virtual Training

Live Virtual Training: Desktop Application Creation with Qt 6 

This hands-on training is an in-depth introduction to Qt programming, primarily focusing on using Qt Widgets and the associated development tools (Qt Creator and friends). Learn More >>

Qt Hybrid Training

Hybrid Training: Building an Embedded Application with Qt 

This hands-on training is offered both virtually and in-person in our Waltham, MA headquarters. Whichever way you choose, we will teach you how to build a Qt application for an embedded device. Learn More >>

Live Virtual Training: Building an Embedded Application with Qt 

This hands-on course will teach you how to build a Qt application for an embedded device and cover the fundamentals of programming with Qt to give you a thorough understanding on how to use QML and the Qt API to create an application from an empty screen to a full graphic user interface. Learn More >>

Free 1 Day QML Programming Training

Free Virtual QML Programming Training

We are offering FREE QML Programming virtual training. Whether you are new to QML or already an expert, this course will help you fill in any gaps and get your questions answered. Learn More >>


Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices

Five-day course developing applications for embedded systems and touchscreens using Qt. Learn More >>

Programming with Qt for Desktops

Programming with Qt for Desktops

Five-day in-depth introduction to Qt programming. Learn More >>

Effective QML

In-Depth QML

Three-day course focuses on design patterns and best practices to use when creating applications with QML. Learn More >>

Programming with Qt for Python

Programming with Qt for Python

This class is a 5-day hands-on introduction to developing desktop applications using the official set of Python bindings: Qt for Python (also known as PySide 2). Learn More >>

State of the Art OpenGL with Qt

State-of-the-Art OpenGL with Qt

Five-day introduction to modern OpenGL using programmable shader pipelines. Learn More >>

User Experience Design for Embedded Devices

User Experience Design for Embedded Devices

This one-day course covers critical UX concepts and challenges to consider before engaging in core development of an embedded systems application. Learn More >>

Implementing Modern Apps

Implementing Modern Apps with Qt Quick

This 3-day course focuses on developing modern applications for embedded systems and desktops using Qt Quick. Learn More >>

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Qt Coaching

ICS's Qt Professional Development Coaching Program offers knowledgeable engineers who share real-world Qt project experience and will personally coach your team beyond any book, manual or forum. Whether you are a Qt novice or advanced Qt engineer, ICS will deliver on-site or remote coaching for centrally located or remotely distributed teams. Learn More about Qt Coaching

On-Site Training and Jumpstart Packages

ICS has provided hundreds of on-site courses for companies around the world. On-site courses allow for excellent scheduling flexibility and for training in the clients' normal operating environment. Customized courses are available for on-site training. ICS also offers the following Jumpstart packages:

Open Enrollment Course Schedule

Due to recent current events, there are no in-person trainings on the calendar at this time. Please check back for updates on our open enrollment course schedule soon.