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Consumers not only expect an intuitive and beautiful device with unparalleled performance, they also expect a responsive touch with seamless transitioning between screens for a positive customer experience. Product companies must be able to adapt quickly to market requirements to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Qt, the leading independent technology for cross-platform development, is the leading choice for software developers with touchscreen user interface needs. These complimentary ICS Webinars are dedicated to providing you with educational content that will enhance your Qt programming, helping you to future proof your products and applications and connect to what is to come!


There are currently no upcoming webinars.


How to Craft a Winning IOT Device Management Solution

Join ICS' Lead Cloud Architect who will help inform your journey to understand IoT device fleet management, show you how it can benefit your organization and explain how you to identify the best solution.

Bridging the Gap Between Development & Regulatory Teams

Download our webinar for medical device professionals hosted by DeviceTalks Tuesday and hear a frank depiction of the collision of regulatory and development practices, and how to focus on remedies in the form of processes, tools, and approaches, that bridge the gap between the two.

IoT Device Fleet Management: Create a Robust Solution with Azure

This webinar, presented by ICS’ fleet management and cloud experts, will give you a better understanding of Azure, which allows you to connect, monitor and control your IoT assets.

CMake for QMake Users

This webinar is aimed at anyone using QMake who wants to learn more about CMake and the pros and cons of each. We will provide an introduction to CMake, discuss the differences in the two build systems and more.

Software Update Mechanisms: Selecting the Best Solution for Your Embedded Linux Device

This webinar will provide the foundation you need to make an informed decision on the right solution for your software update needs. Together with The Konsulko Group we’ll examine several different industry approaches, including A/B updates with a dual-redundant scheme, delta updates, container-based updates and combined strategies, as well as the leading technologies that support these approaches.

Qt Installer Framework

This webinar will explore functions that assist developers in both packaging and deploying their Qt applications on the desktop. We will present the Qt Installer Framework and the Qt Desktop deployment tools as well as ways to customize an installer and tools that keep your Qt application continuously updated online.

Bridging the Gap Between Development and Regulatory Teams

Register for this webinar for medical device professionals hosted by Greenlight Guru and hear a frank depiction of the collision of regulatory and development practices, and focus on remedies in the form of processes, tools and approaches, that bridge the gap between the two.

Overcome Hardware And Software Challenges - Medical Device Case Study

In this webinar presented with leading System-on-Module designer and ICS partner Variscite, we will present a real example of a medical device featuring the DART-MX8M-PLUS, i.MX8 Plus-based System on Module. Walking through this case study will allow us to showcase specific challenges that characterize the medical field as well as common software challenges.

User Experience Design for the Internet of Things

In this webinar we will discuss the importance of user experience in the growing world of IoT, including helpful strategies to set up your product for success.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM): Accelerating Your Secure Embedded Development

This webinar will cover why SBOMs should be required to improve software supply chain security,  what to look for in a SBOM and how to evaluate open source and third-party components as well as how to use a SBOM to identify software risk and eliminate vulnerabilities throughout the software supply chain.