ICS Webinars

Consumers not only expect an intuitive and beautiful device with unparalleled performance, they also expect a responsive touch with seamless transitioning between screens for a positive customer experience. Product companies must be able to adapt quickly to market requirements to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Qt, the leading independent technology for cross-platform development, is the leading choice for software developers with touchscreen user interface needs. These complimentary ICS Webinars are dedicated to providing you with educational content that will enhance your Qt programming, helping you to future proof your products and applications and connect to what is to come!


Secure-by-Design: Using Hardware and Software Protection for FDA Compliance

June 20, 1 pm EDT - This webinar explores the “secure-by-design” approach to medical device software development. During this important session, we will outline which security measures should be considered for compliance, identify technical solutions available on various hardware platforms, summarize hardware protection methods you should consider when building in security and review security software such as Trusted Execution Environments for secure storage of keys and data, and Intrusion Detection Protection Systems to monitor for threats.


Using Flutter for Embedded

Flutter is a popular open source, cross-platform framework developed by Google. In this webinar we'll explore Flutter and its architecture, delve into the Flutter Embedder and Flutter’s Dart language, discover how to leverage Flutter for embedded device development, learn about Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) and its consortium and understand the rationale behind AGL's choice of Flutter for next-gen IVI systems.

A Deep Dive into Secure Product Development Frameworks (SPDF)

In our second webinar in our series of Cybersecurity In Medical Devices: Practical Advice for FDA’s 510(k) Requirements, we tackle the question of what is a SPDF for medical device cybersecurity. As with all webinars in this series we look to provide actionable advice that clarifies implementation, and you can apply in your day-to-day tasks.

The Real-World Challenges of Medical Device Cybersecurity: Mitigating Vulnerabilities

A great deal of attention in medical devices has shifted towards cybersecurity with the ratification of section 524B of the FD&C act. This new law enables the FDA to enforce cybersecurity controls in any medical device that is capable of networked communications or that has software. In this webinar we will recap the process for managing vulnerabilities, identify categories of vulnerabilities and solutions and more.

Cybersecurity in Medical Devices – Practical Advice for FDA’s 510(k) Requirements

Don’t miss this important webinar with partners BG Networks and Trustonic, which serves as a roadmap for medical device manufacturers to navigate the complex landscape of FDA requirements and implement effective cybersecurity measures.

Accelerating Development of a Safety-Critical Cobot Welding System with Qt/QML Automation Tools

Join us for a detailed look at how ICS used its rapid, low-code development toolkit, Greenhouse by ICS, to help Miller Electric create a new industrial welding product on a short timeline. In this webinar, we’ll cover Miller Electric’s vision for the product and the pressure of their looming deadline. And we’ll explore the facets of Greenhouse, which includes everything needed to quickly build a quality touch device. 

Overcoming CMake Configuration Issues

While building with CMake can be fun and rewarding, you may encounter a few obstacles along your path that stall your progress. This webinar will teach you how to interpret CMake errors and explore some of the most common configuration issues you may encounter when trying to build a CMake project.

Virtual Forum: Cybersecurity for Medical Devices — from Regulation to Surveillance

Our popular forum has gone virtual. By downloading this MDG session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the current regulatory expectations surrounding cybersecurity in medical devices.

Enhancing Quality and Test in Medical Device Design - Part 2

Join us for the second installment of our webinar series, during which we explore the interesting and controversial aspects of quality and test solutions used in engineering for medical devices. We'll weigh the pros, cons, motivations and alternatives for the canonical forms of software tests, and more.

Moving from C++ to Rust

The Rust programming language has been gaining traction in the past few years, as it is known for its performance, safety and memory management. But is it the right replacement for C++? If you’re looking to switch from C++ to Rust there will be some challenging aspects. Join our webinar for Rust demos and code examples and to find out if Rust is right for your next software project.   

From Prototype to Production Fleet – Designing and Managing Your IoT Devices for Rapid Deployment

In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for designing IoT devices for rapid deployment and how to streamline fleet management at scale. We will provide insight on when it’s right to build your own custom system versus investing in a fleet management platform as well as look at some of the key features of the platforms available and a live demo of Balena’s solution.